At the ripe old age of 28 and a half I had a light bulb moment, the life I was leading was not the life I had envisioned for myself, the job I had was just not fufilling, and it was time to take the road less traveled.  I quit my job thinking that […]

     Call me naive, call me too trusting but is it really wrong to expect people to follow through on their word?  Isn’t it the polite thing to do to get back to a person if you tell them directly I will get back to you?       My sister tells me that its because they […]

   She steps up to the plate…she shoots…”I’m sorry but we have decided to go in another direction.”  Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.  I know I can do these jobs I’m applying for, I know I could be a great assistant, and a welcome addition to any team but I can’t seem to get […]

   One minute I’m down, the next I am up…I try and let the universe give me cues, and I try and take these cues sometimes to great success…and sometimes it leads to nowhere.  This morning my horoscope on the radio said a big opportunity will present itself, well I can only hope it is […]

     Saturday was my 29th birthday and to celebrate my sister and I rushed Bare the Musical at New World Stages.  The rush tickets are $30 bucks and we got great seats in the center orchestra.  I went in not knowing much about the show, on purpose.  I knew it was about gay teens at […]

     And this is what 29 looks like?  I turned 29 three days ago, and I sit here unemployed, single, and unsure of what to do next.  I open facebook and find my peers are getting married this year, having their first children, working at good jobs, living the life they imagined for themself.  I’m […]